Back-to-School Buzz

Bellevue students return to the classroom next month for the new school year. We are gearing up to provide supports that help ensure the start of school goes smoothly. Especially for Bellevue students from low-income households. Back-to-School Clothing Support Remember your first day of school? Picking out the perfect outfit and wanting to make a … Read Now

Did you see these alarming trends in our community?

Since March 2020, our caring community has helped provide over 1,173,794 meals to children at risk of hunger and prevented 902 families with 1,730 children from facing eviction. Despite remaining hopeful about these amazing accomplishments, the fact is that the number of Bellevue students enrolled in their school’s free and reduced lunch program is the highest … Read Now

The NEW Bellevue Family Hub Opens August 22

Powered by Bellevue LifeSpring and the Bellevue School District We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with the Bellevue School District, we are launching our first in-person family resource center at Highland Middle School. The new Bellevue Family Hub will be a warm and inviting place where students and their families are welcome to … Read Now

New Back-To-School Clothing for Every Bellevue Child 

Remember your first day of school? Picking out the perfect outfit and wanting to make a good impression? Wanting to feel confident and fit in with your peers? For students in need, new clothing is a luxury their parents often can’t afford.   Bellevue LifeSpring’s Clothes-4-Kids™ program distributes gift cards to students to select new school … Read Now

The Impact of Receiving “Right Now Needs” for Local Students and Families

Our Right Now Needs Fund partnership with Amazon is making a big impact for students and families in need in Bellevue. Our partnership with Amazon began in 2020 when they committed $700,000 to Bellevue LifeSpring each year for two years. Amazon’s continued investment reflects a transformative collaboration where we innovate together to provide basic needs … Read Now

In One of the Wealthiest Cities in America, Families Are Being Left Behind

Here in Bellevue, one of the top wealthiest cities in the nation, tech and businesses are booming. Yet, despite this growth, one in five Bellevue students is at risk of experiencing hunger or homelessness. As the cost of living continues to rise in Bellevue, low-income families have become even more vulnerable to experiencing food and … Read Now

Snacks for a Successful School Day

This school year, the Bellevue School District Family Connections Centers have requested more healthy snack donations for students than ever before. Snack pack donations help ensure students have the nutrition they need for a successful school day. They are given to students who come to school on an empty stomach or return home to empty … Read Now