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Did you see these alarming trends in our community?

Since March 2020, our caring community has helped provide over 1,173,794 meals to children at risk of hunger and prevented 902 families with 1,730 children from facing eviction.

Despite remaining hopeful about these amazing accomplishments, the fact is that the number of Bellevue students enrolled in their school’s free and reduced lunch program is the highest it’s been in 10 years.

Currently, 3,931 students, or 21.4% of the Bellevue School District student population, are experiencing food insecurity. The number of students experiencing houselessness has also increased to 413 children. These numbers are the highest they have ever been at the beginning of a school year.

Here are the schools in our community with the highest number of students in need:

As inflation remains high and Bellevue rent continues to rank as the most expensive in the region, children from low-income households continue to feel the brunt of these economic hardships.

Our goal is to ensure that no Bellevue child experiences food and housing insecurity. We remain resolute in this goal — however, with the rising number of children in need, achieving it has become more challenging.

Supporting the children in our community is a shared responsibility, and when we give where we live, we all benefit.

Donate today to help prevent hunger and houselessness for Bellevue children.

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