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January 2022: Make More Moments Like This Possible ðŸ’š


December 2021: How many Bellevue kids are at risk of hunger this holiday season?

November 2021: 263 children are counting on you this holiday season.💚💛

October 2021: Get ready to make a child’s wish come true!🎁💚

September 2021: New Opportunities To Give Back in Bellevue!💚💛

July 2021: A story of student success and our Volunteer of the Year! 💚

August 2021: Support Student Success This School Year 📚💚

June 2021: Exciting News From Jane! ðŸŽ‰

May 2021: You need to see these numbers…

April 2021: When we give where we live, we all benefit. 💚🍎🏠

March 2021: Bellevue, here’s what’s next. 

February 2021: A great way to spread the love this February! 💕

January 2021: You did it! ðŸ‘ðŸ’š


December 2020: You’ve helped prevent homelessness for over 500 children! 💚🏠

November 2020: Hear From Experts on the Front Lines for Bellevue Kids

October 2020: Have you heard the news?

September 2020: Hear the Latest From Top Bellevue Leaders 📣

August 2020: Nearly half a million meals for Bellevue kids! 💚🍎

July 2020: This letter will make your day! 💚

May 2020: Four Ways You Can Support Bellevue Children From Home 🏠💚

April 2020: You and Your Neighbors Are Doing Amazing Things – Here’s How

March 2020: Stability for Michael’s family, luncheon news and the heartbeat of Bellevue LifeSpring!

February 2020: Share the love this month with Bellevue LifeSpring! â¤

January 2020: 10 magical things you made happen!ʉϬ



December 2019: Join the Global ???? Generosity Movement

November 2019: A thank you to you!  ????

October 2019: Give the Gift of Hope â¤

September 2019: Three ways your support opens doors ????

August 2019: Our top flight night of wining, dining and making a difference is back! 

July 2019: Summer with Bellevue LifeSpring

June 2019: How You Helped Erica

May 2019: Updates from Alondra, Emily and Hailee

April 2019: Five Must-Know Facts About Homelessness in Bellevue

March 2019: The Difference a Month Can Make

January 2019: Magical Moments from Holiday Adopt-A-Family™



December 2018: 10 Gifts That Keep On Giving!

November 2018: No Turkey Required!

October 2018: What does $2,000 really mean?

September 2018: What do you want to be when you grow up?

August 2018: Looking to make your dollar go further?

July 2018: You have to pay for summer school?

June 2018: You saved Lwin’s home.

May 2018: Three tips that will improve your “driving”

April 2018: You’re helping provide the most important meal of the day

March 2018: Stories of Transformation – Made Possible by You!

February 2018: Your small change = a big difference

January 2018: Exciting Additions for 2018