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Back-to-School Buzz

Bellevue students return to the classroom next month for the new school year. We are gearing up to provide supports that help ensure the start of school goes smoothly. Especially for Bellevue students from low-income households.

Back-to-School Clothing Support

Remember your first day of school? Picking out the perfect outfit and wanting to make a good impression? Calling your friends to see what they are wearing. For Bellevue students in need, new back-to-school clothing isn’t always an option their family can afford.   

This August, we launch our 2023 Clothes-4-Kids program™. Thanks to our caring community and our partnership with Amazon, more than 2,100 Bellevue students from low-income households will receive NEW back-to-school clothing support so they can start school feeling confident and self-assured like their peers.

Families will visit our Bellevue Family Hub resource center at Highland Middle School and get personalized assistance from Bellevue LifeSpring staff, volunteers, and Amazon employees to spend $150 at Amazon’s online back-to-school shop or receive $150 to shop at Old Navy.

We’ve seen an increasing demand for our back-to-school clothing program this year. One of the many reasons this program is in high demand is the emphasis on personal choice. Families are able to exercise their autonomy and make choices that align with their children’s personal preferences, style, and needs.

Thank you to our caring community and to Amazon for making this program possible for Bellevue students!

Erasing Lunch Debt

To further support a smooth start to the school year and stay true to our commitment to support Bellevue students experiencing food insecurity, we presented a check for $45,000 to the Bellevue School District to cover all outstanding student breakfast and lunch debt.

When a family is experiencing financial difficulties, they may struggle to afford daily school meals for their children, leading to unpaid balances over time. While the school district implements policies to ensure that children receive a meal regardless of their lunch balance, the debt still lingers unpaid. Covering this debt provides a clean slate to families who may be experiencing economic challenges yet do not qualify for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program.

“We hope that by settling the $45,000 in school meal debt, families can feel a sense of relief and reassurance that they will be in good standing with the school district,” stated Executive Director Jennifer Fischer. “Thanks to our generous community, we were able to respond immediately when the school district brought this issue to our attention.”

With this contribution, we are reaffirming our dedication to supporting Bellevue students by working to ensure financial hardships do not hinder children’s educational experiences. In partnership with our community, we strive to build a stronger, more equitable Bellevue where every student can thrive.

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