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Uncork the Night Chairs Curate a Night to Remember

We are thrilled to introduce you to your 2023 Uncork the Night Event Chairs: Board Member Julie Cheng Bui, Board Member Darin Chestnut and his wife, Lisa Chestnut, and Mayor of Medina Jessica Rossman.

Driven by a passion for their community, Uncork the Night chairs serve as the curators behind the elegant evening of wining and dining we have in store for you on October 7 at the W Bellevue.

Read along as Julie, Darin, Lisa, and Jessica share what they look forward to most and why our mission to support Bellevue children motivates them to give back.

Julie Cheng Bui

What are you looking forward to for this year’s event?

I’m most looking forward to the optimistic energy and community spirit in the room on the night of the event. I loved the energy Emcee Kaci Aitchison and Auctioneer Matt Lorch brought to last year’s event, and I look forward to them hosting us again this year. The dessert dash is always one of my favorite parts of the night – who doesn’t love to indulge in sweets for a good cause?

Why is the Bellevue LifeSpring mission meaningful to you?

Bellevue LifeSpring is thoughtful and inclusive about how its mission translates to measurable impact for kids in our community. Their focus on meeting kids’ needs in an equitable way resonates deeply with me, and the mission supports this focus in very tangible ways.

Why do you think giving locally and supporting Bellevue kids is important?

I think it’s important to connect with those in our local community whom we may not typically come into daily contact with. I also believe it is important to try to understand community members’ different experiences so that we can support them equitably. I believe this intentional giving strengthens our entire community. 

Darin and Lisa Chestnut

What motivated you both to become 2023 Uncork the Night Chairs? 

We were co-chairs last year and had such a great experience. When the opportunity arose to chair this year’s event, we were all in. We both have a passion for wine and chairing this event is a creative way to help give back to our community while using our shared passion. Helping to organize an event that raises money to help Bellevue children and families is rewarding on many levels.

What are your favorite parts of Uncork the Night?

Our favorite part is seeing how much money is raised to help our community! The impact the funds have is unmeasurable. We have some fantastic live auction packages that people will enjoy. The cocktail frenzy and dessert dash always create lots of excitement, and the food will also be incredible! All these fun and exciting parts of the event give us the opportunity to make a significant impact together for Bellevue children.

Why is the Bellevue LifeSpring mission meaningful to you?

Bellevue is a great community, and Bellevue LifeSpring’s mission focuses on trying to help keep Bellevue a great community by supporting local families. The mission translates to measurable impact for kids in our community in very tangible ways.

Jessica Rossman

Why is the Bellevue LifeSpring mission meaningful to you?  

“Stability and self-sufficiency.”  Isn’t that what most of us want for ourselves and our kids?  What better goal than to support others going through tough times and to help them get back on their feet so that they can move forward in our shared community?

What is your favorite part of Uncork the Night? 

My favorite part of Uncork the Night is the festive feel when you first walk into the room and the sense of a friendly crowd anticipating a good time together.

Why do you think supporting Bellevue kids is important? 

Displacement is disruptive. Kids in families going through economic hardship do better when they can stay in their established communities, continue attending the same school with their friends, be confident they’ll be fed, and feel supported where they are. The Bellevue area is increasingly expensive. Our community’s kids need our help to stay safe and secure in their hometown so that they are positioned to embrace a bright future.

Thank you, Julie, Darin, Lisa, and Jessica, for your commitment to creating an incredible experience for our guests.

Tickets are now on sale for Uncork the Night! We hope to see you there.  

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