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Grads-On-Track™ By the Numbers

Low-income students are especially vulnerable to falling behind in school. An unstable home life and poor nutrition can cause students living in poverty to fail their classes.

On average, summer school courses to make up a class and retrieve credits are $180 each and can cost up to $420. Families living in poverty are already struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford any extra expenses. The Bellevue School District reports that 78% of students in need of summer school are from low-income families who can’t pay for tuition.

Grads-On-Track™ provides students living in poverty with scholarships for summer school courses, allowing them to retrieve credit toward on-time graduation. Last year, your support provided scholarships for


summer classes.

Of these,
were STEM classes.


These courses benefit students like Luisa, who fell behind in high school but is now achieving her dreams:

“I hit rock bottom when I failed a class but it awoke my drive to succeed. I took summer classes with a Grads-On-Track scholarship and now I’m attending the University of Washington.”

As of today, we have already received applications for 296 courses from 177 students. We know there are more students in need.

You can make an impact for kids like Luisa. Donate to support summer school scholarships here.

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