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Five Things to Know About 26 Kids Set to Take on the World

What do a future chemical engineer, nurse and journalist all have in common? They are all heading to college this fall with the help of Bellevue LifeSpring college scholarships!

Bellevue LifeSpring is making 26 students’ dreams of higher education reality! This fall, 10 freshmen, three sophomores, nine juniors, two seniors and two adult scholarship recipients are headed toward a brighter future, thanks to the support of their Bellevue community.

Here are five things you should know about our 2017 college scholarship recipients.


  1. They are the scientific explorers of tomorrow.

Over 70% of this year’s recipients are STEM majors. These students are already making an impact, including building energy-saving stairs and researching malaria at a molecular level. It’s awesome to see that these students are on their way to experimental excellence – and breaking the cycle of poverty.


  1. They represent six of Washington State’s public colleges.

The students heading to campus this fall include four Bellevue College Bulldogs, three Western Washington University Vikings, one Eastern Washington University Eagle and 18 University of Washington Huskies. We’re proud to count all 26 as Bellevue LifeSpring Butterflies!


  1. They are already giving back.

These students already have a heart for the community that’s given so much to them. Their volunteer commitments include work at homeless shelters, medical clinics and even at Bellevue LifeSpring!


  1. They represent academic success despite the odds.

Many of these students are the first in their family to attend college. Although their families struggle financially, they haven’t let their income impede their drive to succeed. The average GPA among this year’s recipients is 3.31, well above the national average at 3.0. They’re working hard and making their families proud, and their Bellevue LifeSpring family is no exception.


  1. Each student calls Bellevue home. They represent you and are Bellevue proud.

These kids are a product of the Bellevue School District; all have graduated from one of our award-winning high schools. And, they are the future of our community. They are inventing, writing, building and dreaming a better tomorrow for Bellevue. It is the support of an active, caring community that makes this possible. Thank you!

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