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Microsoft Team Gets Creative With Their Giving for the Second Year in a Row

The Employee Productivity Experience team at Microsoft did it again! They raised an incredible $21,700 to help fight hunger and homelessness for Bellevue students during their 2021 Employee Giving Campaign.

On top of this incredible investment, the team also committed to regular volunteering. Recently team members volunteered to pack and donate 150 snack packs for Bellevue students! Snack packs are a vital resource for students that don’t get breakfast at home or need a snack after-school. They help ensure students have the nutrition they need for a successful school day.

“My amazing Microsoft teammates had some fun working together in our quest to battle hunger and homelessness for local students and their families,” shared Principal Group Engineering Manager Tom Foster. “We used our annual giving campaign as an opportunity to increase awareness and raise funds to support Bellevue LifeSpring’s mission. Whether we were born nearby or across the globe, support for those that are less fortunate is a value our team members share.”

“One of the most popular fundraising activities is giving our team the chance to decide what they will make the managers do if and when we hit our fundraising goal,” Tom continued. “The ideas range from having the team paint the manager’s face for a day to dying the manager’s hair pink for a few weeks!”

Last year, Tom promised to dye his hair purple if his team hit their goal during their 2020 Giving Campaign. They ended up far surpassing their goal, and with a match from Microsoft, they raised more than $17,000 to help support Bellevue children, and Tom got a fun new purple hairdo. “It’s all in good fun,” shared Tom.

This year the team’s fundraising goal was $15,000, which they surpassed. Along with a donation match from Microsoft, their total investment came to $21,700! That meant that Tom dyed his hair pink, and his fellow manager Monika dyed her hair green! Other team members also agreed to paint their faces for the day.

We love to see our community getting creative with their giving. A big thank you to this passionate team for supporting Bellevue students. Together we are building a stronger Bellevue.

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