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Nicole’s Giving Story

Guest Blog Post by Nicole Griswold

“Uh oh,” I answered dramatically. Lance looked over at me and dropped another ball to see if I would respond once more. It was an early December morning in 2013, with Christmas just around the corner. I had been caring for him for nearly a year, and he was almost one year old.

As a Family Assistant and Household Manager, I was used to rolling around the floor with little ones in multi-million-dollar homes, frequenting large department stores for new shoes, and attending various extracurricular activities with the children after their private school classes ended for the day.

I loved my job, and I loved the families I worked for. Yet as a native to the Eastside of Seattle, I could not help but notice that despite Bellevue’s economic growth there were still many families barely making ends meet. While large software companies replaced the strip malls I frequented as a child, the cost of living skyrocketed.

A voice began repeating itself in my head, “Adopt a family this Christmas.”  I was starting a new business and living with my parents to save money, but surely I could help in some way.

I got Lance down for his morning nap and I logged onto the Internet. The first nonprofit to show up in the search feed was Bellevue LifeSpring. I had never heard of them but decided to give them a call. A kind woman answered, and I asked her if there were any families that still needed to be adopted. She was silent for a moment. Then, she said, “I’m not sure what made you call, but we literally just had a sponsor call saying they are unable to help this season. Would you be interested in a family of six?”

That year I went shopping for my adopted family filled with great joy. I found warm coats, new socks, and a shiny bike for their youngest child. When it came time to drop off my gifts, I was overwhelmed with the sight hundreds and hundreds of wrapped gifts for children that would have gone without that season.

Five years later, the Bellevue LifeSpring Holiday Adopt-A-Family™ event day is still my favorite part of the holiday season. I sign up for as many volunteer spots as time allows during the one-day event, and I look forward to a day spent with both sponsors and recipients.

Many ask me why I do this, as I already stay busy working two full-time jobs. And the answer is simply this: it could be me. It could be my family. It could have been Lance.

While Lance was lucky to be born into a privileged home, children who are not as fortunate are not any less deserving. I know from personal experience that all it takes is a little bad luck to get behind on things. My hope is that our community can come together so all children of Bellevue can go to bed with a roof above their heads, food in their bellies, and opportunity to shine—regardless of life events or income status.

Since first adopting a family in 2013, Nicole has donated her time and talent to many projects with Bellevue LifeSpring, including Thrift Culture, Uncork the Night and more. Even though she works two full-time jobs, she still makes time to give back to Bellevue kids – we feel very fortunate to have her support.

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