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Free Family Workshops at the Bellevue Family Hub

In a world where knowledge is power, the ability to acquire essential life skills can be a game-changer for families, especially those facing financial constraints.

That’s why we are joining forces with our community partners to provide free life skills workshops for parents, caregivers, and families at our Bellevue Family Hub at Stevenson Elementary School.  

Staying true to our mission to foster stability and self-sufficiency for Bellevue families, our collaborative workshops go beyond traditional academic subjects and instead focus on imparting practical life skills to better equip families with navigating the challenges of daily life.

Equipping individuals with practical skills enhances their employability and economic prospects. When a parent or caregiver improves their professional standing, the entire family will reap the benefits.


So far this year, we have partnered with our friends at Hopelink to provide a workshop on learning the ins and outs of financial credit and how to build good credit. Hopelink also provided a workshop on improving job interview skills. We partnered with the International Community Health Services (ICHS) Highland Health Center to offer a workshop on navigating the complex healthcare system and finding affordable healthcare resources.

By pooling resources and expertise, we are working together to create a network of support and foster a sense of shared responsibility for the well-being and success of all Bellevue families.

Inclusion and Accessibility  

With a steadfast commitment to inclusion and accessibility, our workshops are designed to be welcoming to all. Ensuring that economic constraints are not a hindrance to participation, we offer these sessions free of charge to families. By removing the financial burden, families are given the opportunity to invest in themselves and their future.

Recognizing the importance of language accessibility, our workshops are conducted in English and Spanish, catering to a broader audience and fostering a sense of belonging.

We also understand that practical challenges can sometimes be a barrier to participation. Committed to making our workshops as accessible as possible, families are welcomed with nourishing meals, and complimentary childcare services are thoughtfully provided, creating a supportive environment that encourages a stress-free and enriching experience. 

Building Community

Perhaps most importantly, our workshops help to create a sense of community by bringing families together to learn and grow. The Bellevue Family Hub space, where workshops take place, was designed to be a welcoming space where families could come in person and easily access multiple compassionate support services in one space – a perfect spot for hosting collaborative workshops.

If you are a local business or organization and are interested in collaborating on a workshop for Bellevue families, please contact

To contribute to our mission and help us to continue offering free workshops, visit

Your support plays a vital role in empowering Bellevue families on their journey toward a brighter future. Thank you for being a part of our community-driven efforts.

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