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How to Be a Good Driver

Hosting a drive is a great way to engage your community and maximize your collective impact! It’s an easy, fun and kid-friendly way to give back that allows everyone to participate toward a shared goal. Here are three tips to help you become a great drive-er!

#1: Select What You’ll Collect!

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories to support Thrift Culture (including men’s, women’s, teens’ and children’s)
  • Snacks that are healthy and individually-packaged to support hungry students (like crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, applesauce)
  • Basic needs or hygiene items that can’t be purchased with food stamps (such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste)

#2: Give Your Drive a Theme

  • Spring Cleaning! Circulate closet-cleaning tips along with information about your drive! Most people have clothing they never wear hanging in their closets – this can give them the opportunity to clear out unwanted items AND support their community!
  • Breakfast Snacks: Collect oatmeal, cereal, shelf-stable milk and breakfast bars so kids in need don’t miss the most important meal of the day!
  • Make it an Event: Host a movie night, car wash or barbecue – and charge a donation per entry!
  • Divide and Conquer: Split your group of friends, neighbors or co-workers into teams and compete to see who can bring in the most donations. Make sure to snap a picture of the winning team!

#3: Work Out the Details

  • Location, location, location. Set a central drop off location so your community knows where to bring their donations – such as your front porch, church, school or community center. You can also check with your local grocery store and see if they’ll allow you to set up a bin near their doors and pass out flyers with a list of suggested donations as shoppers enter the store. People are more likely to donate if they’re already making a purchase!
  • Timing is everything: Most successful drives last two to three weeks. Setting a deadline helps to create a sense of urgency and encourages people to prioritize your drive.
  • Spread the Word: Make sure people know when, where, what and why you’re collecting! Bellevue LifeSpring can help – just let us know and we can provide you with print materials and more. Be sure to utilize your networks – both in person and on social media – to generate excitement around your drive.

Want to help but don’t have extra time? Participate in a virtual drive by using Bellevue LifeSpring’s Amazon Wish List. Our most-needed items are always near the top! Items purchased from our wish list will be shipped directly to our pantry.

There are so many great ways to give back – discover yours today! To set up a drive, please contact the Bellevue LifeSpring office via email or call us at 425-451-1175.

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