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Our Emergency Response to Support Children

Dear Bellevue LifeSpring Supporters,

The unprecedented and ever-changing coronavirus situation has already been devastating for low-income families in our community. We are working with the Bellevue School District to support these families and address any emerging needs. I want to thank those of you who have already contributed or reached out to ask what is needed.

How can you help? Please make a contribution on our website or by calling 425-451-1175 to immediately support our efforts.

  • Yesterday, our board approved an emergency order to purchase $115,000 in Safeway food vouchers. The vouchers will be distributed to families starting on Monday. This is intended to fill the gap for families who cannot access the Bellevue School District’s food distribution sites.
  • We were notified of an emergency need for Monday morning breakfast. We have committed to providing food for 750 students.
  • Beginning in April, I estimate a 25-50% increase in emergency rent assistance from parents who are having their work hours cut or eliminated. This rough estimate represents an increased cost of $26,500-$53,000. Families could be negatively impacted for several months.

Being flexible and responsive has always been a part of Bellevue LifeSpring’s DNA. Now, we have the opportunity to show these traits in an emergency unlike we’ve ever experienced before. We can’t do it without you. Your partnership is needed to ensure we reach and support every family in need during this challenging time.

With gratitude,



Jennifer Fischer, Executive Director
Bellevue LifeSpring

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