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Additional COVID SNAP Support Has Ended for Local Families. Here’s How You Can Help.

Last week, the additional emergency funds applied to the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) during the pandemic came to an end — resulting in more than 500,000 Washington families losing critical food support.

As inflation continues to rise, so does the need for food support in our community. This reduction couldn’t come at a worse time for Bellevue families experiencing food insecurity. Currently, there are 3,942 children attending Bellevue schools who are food insecure, and 452 students are experiencing homelessness. These are the highest reported numbers in over a decade.

Here are three immediate ways you can help provide support to Bellevue children and families who just lost $95-$250 a month in SNAP food support:

1) Step Up in advance of our Step Up to the Plate Benefit Luncheon on April 25 and become a Champion for Children. Make a pre-luncheon investment of $1,000 or more and demonstrate your commitment to supporting Bellevue students. Champion investments immediately go toward providing emergency food and rent support for Bellevue children and their families. You can email to get started or make your Champion investment today.

2) Become a Table Captain and inspire other community members to step up for Bellevue kids. Support Bellevue children by hosting a table (or tables) of 10 guests at our annual luncheon. Table captains are the people and hearts behind our organization, stepping up to prevent hunger for Bellevue’s children and inspiring others to do the same.

Given the affluence here in Bellevue, it can be easy to overlook the fact that there are kids in our community who do not know when their next meal is coming. Spread awareness and invite your friends, family, co-workers, business partners, and neighbors – anyone who wants to join you in building a better Bellevue for our community’s children. There is no cost to host a table at the luncheon. Reach out to to get started today.

3) Donate food and hygiene items to our local food bank partners at Renewal Food Bank. Renewal Food Bank is located right across the street from the Bellevue Family Hub and Highland Middle School on Bel-Red Road. They are in need of food and hygiene donations for families. View the current needs and donation hours.

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