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Meet the Team: Amabely Gonzalez

Join us in warmly welcoming Amabely, our new Human Services Administrator! Amabely is joining our wonderful Human Services team to ensure that families in our community are receiving the compassionate assistance they need. Amabely, who is from Mexico, is bilingual and fluent in Spanish.

“I am Mexican, married to a Panamanian, and mother of four children,” shared Amabely. “We are a Latin family that enjoys and is proud of its roots and culture. You will always find food, good talk, and music in our house. We love that our home is the meeting point for our children’s friends to come together, see the diversity of cultures and races, and enjoy Latin traditions.”

With a degree in Pedagogy and a passion for education, Amabely uses her previous professional experiences in curriculum design and human resources to enhance her day-to-day work with Bellevue families. “Being the first contact with families in search of support is very rewarding, but it carries a great responsibility,” shared Amabely.

Read along as Amabely shares what motivates her and what she hopes to achieve in her new role.

Why is the Bellevue LifeSpring mission meaningful to you?

I believe that education is the greatest tool a human being can have and that we can create stronger communities with education. I firmly believe in the mission of Bellevue LifeSpring and the power to change the course of a child’s life if provided with the necessary stability to succeed in the classroom. I love the quote: “Whatever is given to children, children will give to society.”

What do you hope to help achieve in your new role?

I would like to be an element that contributes ideas that will help build and develop more programs within our organization and have the opportunity to be part of their creation.

What does community mean to you?

As an immigrant, a community has a high meaning for me and my family. You can live in a community, but if you don’t get involved, you are not helping to create a community that will thrive. Community is help, it is exchange, it is empathy. You can find a family anywhere by creating a community.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?

My favorite hobby would have to be traveling and learning about the culture and traditions of each place I visit. It can even be traveling within your state! You don’t need to go far to enjoy what the world has to offer. I enjoy hiking, enjoying nature, and connecting with myself. 

Thank you, Amabely, for sharing, and welcome to the team!

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