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Rounding Up for Education – Small Change, Big Impact

“Would you like to round up for education?”

Answering yes to this simple question won’t make a big impact on your wallet but it will make a big impact for kids right here in your community. You might pay a few more cents for your great thrift shop find at Thrift Culture. But that extra change is making real change.  

Since 2014, donations made by rounding up at the Thrift Culture register have raised nearly $9,200 to support Bellevue LifeSpring college scholarships. By providing access and opportunities for education, you’re allowing students like Karissa to break the cycle of poverty.

“Without my scholarship from Bellevue LifeSpring, being a student would be near to impossible. Between hours of studying, class and my research internship, I don’t know how I could manage a full-time job to finance my education. My Bellevue LifeSpring scholarship awarded me the opportunity to fully pursue my education in spite of my economic background and allowed me to focus on preparing for the rest of my life.”

Your small change can make a big difference!

Rounding up for education is an easy way to make an impact for Bellevue students. Even if you don’t shop at Thrift Culture, you can help keep the shelves stocked with your donation of new or gently-used clothing, shoes and housewares, providing more opportunities for people to round up for students in need.

How many scholarships will you help fund this year?

Every Thrift Culture purchase benefits Bellevue LifeSpring programs that provide food, clothing, education and emergency assistance for children and their families in need.

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