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Bellevue LifeSpring’s Volunteer of the Year: Marilyn Herzberg!

Marilyn Herzberg, a longtime member of Bellevue LifeSpring’s Board of Directors and the Hunts Point Circle, was honored this June with the 2021 Trish Carpenter Volunteer of the Year award!   

The Volunteer of the Year award is presented to an individual who has exhibited extraordinary support of Bellevue LifeSpring, often behind the scenes and without regard for acknowledgment.    

“This award for Marilyn is much deserved and long overdue. Marilyn has served selflessly in many capacities as a volunteer and a board member over the past 16 years,” said Executive Director Jennifer Fischer. “In addition to making personal investments in the organization and helping raise additional donations, she has co-chaired our biggest fundraising event of the year and chaired our Holiday Adopt-A-Family event for five years! The Holiday Adopt-A-Family program has been such a huge success thanks to Marilyn’s hard work and dedication to creating a magical experience for Bellevue children. We are beyond grateful for her service.” 

Marilyn, a California native, moved to Bellevue in 1989 and became a Hunts Point resident in 2003. She was at a neighborhood party when she learned about Bellevue LifeSpring, then called Overlake Service League. She decided to join the Hunts Point Circle for the opportunity to meet new neighbors while also giving back to her local community.  

Marilyn soon became the Hunts Point Circle Chair and continued to serve as chair for the next seven years. “I love that our Hunts Point Circle is open to anyone in our neighborhood. Everyone is welcome,” shared Marilyn. “It’s so fun to come together and to get to know and support one another. The best part is it’s all centered around doing something worthwhile for our greater community.” Currently, Marilyn is serving as the Hunts Point Circle Treasurer, a role she’s taken on for the past eight years.  

Bellevue LifeSpring is grateful for neighbors like Marilyn, who serve as ambassadors for Bellevue children in their communities. Marilyn shares information with her neighbors about the need that exists here in Bellevue, despite the affluence, and inspires them to take action. 

“Bellevue LifeSpring was started over 100 years ago, right here in the Hunts Point neighborhood. We’re proud of that fact,” exclaimed Marilyn. “As Treasurer of Hunts Point Circle, I’m often the cheerleader for our fundraising efforts for Bellevue kids. Bellevue LifeSpring has been working through this pandemic to help keep kids fed and in their homes. My neighbors are very supportive. When they hear about the needs in our community, most people want to help out.”  

Marilyn is passionate about making a difference right where she lives. “My husband, Rich, and I donate to many causes, both near and far. It’s important, though, that we first start by taking care of children in need right here in our local community. We want the very best for them, just as we do for our own family,” said Marilyn. “We want all Bellevue children to have the food that they need to thrive, a stable home to live in, clothes that help them fit in with their peers, gifts during the holidays, and opportunities for higher education. It benefits our community and all of us to take care of one another.”  

Marilyn loves her home and doesn’t take living here for granted. She reflected on how Bellevue has grown and changed over the years and shared her favorite parts of living here. Marilyn appreciates the good schools, the vibrant economy, and the beautiful scenery surrounding her neighborhood. “I feel very fortunate to call our Bellevue community my home.”   

We are grateful for you, Marilyn! Thank you for all you do for your community and Bellevue kids.   


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