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Microsoft Community Gets Creative With Their Giving

Tom Foster from Microsoft promised to dye his hair purple if his team hit their goal during their virtual giving campaign. They ended up raising over $11,000 to help support Bellevue children and Tom got a fun new hairdo! 

Tom, also a monthly donor, shared why it was important to him to encourage his colleagues to support Bellevue kids. 

“Growing up, I experienced firsthand the challenges of a family trying to live paycheck to paycheck and how rough it was when we couldn’t make it work. I became aware of poverty challenges in the Bellevue School District and started looking for ways to help break the cycle of poverty through a more holistic approach,” shared Tom. “This is what Bellevue LifeSpring does and they do it with respect and empathy for those that they serve. The economic impact of COVID-19 has only increased the need for assistance, particularly with respect to rent assistance and food for families. I became aware of the fundraising goals that needed to be met in order to prevent hunger and homelessness for local families in need and enlisted the help of my generous colleagues and teammates at Microsoft.” 

We love to see our community getting creative with their giving. 

Thank you, Tom and team, for supporting Bellevue kids!  

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