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A New Look for Grads-On-Track™

The Need for Credit Recovery

“Every year, we have students that don’t graduate because they are as little as half a credit short. The ability for students to take advantage of a credit recovery program can be the difference for a student graduating high school and going to college.”

– Kristin McChesney, Supervisor of Graduation Success, Bellevue School District

Children living in poverty are at greater risk of failing a class due to inconsistent nutrition, unstable home environments and the lack of access to resources. Summer school has been the traditional path for credit recovery for high school students. Bellevue LifeSpring is the only agency providing summer school scholarships for credit recovery through Grads-On-Track™. However, some students have tremendous difficulty attending summer school because of the need to work to help support their family or care for siblings.

A New Look

To address these changing needs, Bellevue LifeSpring is partnering with the Bellevue School District to provide scholarships for an innovative online credit recovery program. This program addresses the same credit recovery needs as summer school, but provides students with more flexibility to retrieve credits.

Participation in the online credit recovery program gives students:

  • More time to complete the courses.
  • The ability to enroll in multiple courses for one fee.
  • The opportunity to recover credits during the regular school year instead of waiting until summer break.

In the initial pilot phase at just one high school, 11 students received funding from Bellevue LifeSpring to pursue 19 courses. Of these students, 82% were able to recover core credits necessary for graduation. With that success, the school district has extended the program to the four primary high schools.

Your support allows Bellevue LifeSpring to fully fund the need for credit recovery scholarships – both in traditional summer school and the new online program. This means no child will be turned away from credit recovery due to lack of financial resources. Plus, your donations are used more efficiently because one scholarship can fund multiple courses for a student.

Thank you for your commitment to giving students the opportunity to stay on track for high school graduation.

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