Keri Ellison

One of Keri’s core beliefs is that a child’s success is greatly influenced by relationships with caring adults and access to good education. Over the years, Keri has mentored youth groups and volunteered with various organizations that share this core belief, from Books for Kids (now Page Ahead), Delancey Street Foundation, Amara, and now Bellevue LifeSpring.

Keri began her professional career as an Estate Planning attorney at Lane Powell and later become involved in a trio of family businesses, serving as an advisor and strategist before being promoted to the top leadership position. Keri led a corporate restructuring of the companies, growing their value by 75% which ultimately led to a purchase offer and successful sale.

Keri and her husband, Rob, have two daughters and a new son-in-law. One of their favorite hobbies is skate skiing in Mazama, WA