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Give Where You Live: Joining Forces with Safeway to Fight Hunger

Safeway, our partner in fighting hunger here in Bellevue, is a Local Legend investor in our Give Where You Live campaign! The Safeway and Albertsons Foundation recently invested $80,000 as part of their Nourishing Neighbors program to do their part in ensuring no Bellevue child has to experience hunger. 

“Hunger is a systemic problem that requires a multi-faceted solution. Part of the solution is creating a path toward real access to food by removing stigma, increasing convenience, and providing dignity for families to shop in accordance with their cultural preferences or dietary restrictions,” shared Sara Osborne, Director of External Affairs for Safeway. “Bellevue LifeSpring was at the forefront in the transition to begin providing grocery vouchers instead of food boxes for these reasons, and it has had a profound impact on the families they serve.” 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Safeway has invested over $155,000, helping us provide more than 800,000 meals to Bellevue students on the free and reduced lunch program. Safeway has also generously supported Bellevue kids over the last decade. Their support has included annual grants, rounding up at the register campaigns, in-kind donations, and featuring Bellevue LifeSpring during their employee giving campaign. 

“Joining forces with Safeway and harnessing our strengths for the greater good has proven successful in preventing hunger for local kids,” remarked Bellevue LifeSpring Executive Director Jennifer Fischer. “No child can thrive on an empty stomach, and there are Bellevue families that are just one crisis or unexpected bill away from experiencing hunger. Safeway’s support is helping to provide essential nutrition and ensuring that all Bellevue students have the opportunity to succeed,” she added.  

We are grateful for their leadership. Together, we’re building a stronger Bellevue.  

When we give where we live, we all benefit. See how you can join Safeway in supporting local children here. 

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