Updates on Coronavirus Emergency Response

Check our dashboard for projections on the funding necessary to address the need.

We are working closely with the school district to address any gaps in service and help ensure no student experiences hunger or homelessness as a result of this crisis.


Nutritional Assistance

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen food assistance increase 50%. To fill this gap, Bellevue LifeSpring implemented an emergency extension of our Breaktime-Mealtime program. We have provided more than 1,030,363 meals since COVID-19 began. 

Emergency Rent Assistance

Our board has voted to waive the requirement of a 14-day eviction notice so that we can assist families who are at risk of becoming homeless. We have provided rent assistance for 834 families, preventing homelessness for 1,633 children, since March 2020. 

See What the School District Is Saying About Our Services:

“Thank you, SO MUCH, for making the vouchers happen in such short order. Many went in the mail today, and the families that need them most will get them soon. Thank you for working so hard on behalf of our most vulnerable students and their families.” – Melissa Slater, Equity Project Leader and National Board Program Coordinator for the Bellevue School District.

“We rely on Bellevue LifeSpring to be the first line of defense for families in crises. In addition to their ambitious goal of closing the graduation gap for students experiencing poverty, Bellevue LifeSpring has always been flexible and responsive to emerging needs. It is important to support Bellevue LifeSpring to make the success of all Bellevue students a reality.” – Dr. Ivan Duran, Bellevue School District Superintendent.

Thank You for Your Leadership

We would like to acknowledge the following foundations, companies, and individuals who have generously invested in the wellbeing of Bellevue kids during this uncertain time. We deeply appreciate it as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Your dollars will go immediately toward nutritional support and eviction prevention for families living in poverty. 

$50,000+ Investors

Apex Foundation
The Bellevue Collection
Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier
Craig Chapman and Matt Bishop
City of Bellevue
The Ellison Foundation
Harnish Foundation 
Jolene McCaw Family Foundation
The Safeway/Albertsons Foundation
Jan and Jim Sinegal


$20,000+ Investors

The Bellevue Collection
Bellevue Schools Foundation
Katie and Brian Boland
Amber and Alan Farnsworth
Gow Family Foundation
Mike Griffith
Susanne and Scott Guthrie
Anu and Naveen Jain
Keri Ellison and Robert MacAulay
The Nakajima Family
Seattle Foundation 
Jennifer and Jay Stelly
Windermere Foundation


$10,000+ Investors

Jeff Bezos
Julie Cheng Bui and Tom Bui
Trish and Collin Carpenter
Kandace and Rick Holley
Debbie Killinger
Karen and Chuck Lytle
Moccasin Lake Foundation
The One Circle
Rainier Athletes
Teresa Revelle
Akila and Soma Somasegar 
Tableau Foundation
Ellen and John Tobin
Anita and Dick Wyman


$5,000+ Investors

Aegis Living of Bellevue
Hilarie Aitken
Inessa and Eric Anderson
Jessica Rossman and Peter Berger
Stephanie and Peter Boden
Nancy Ellison
Cary and Quynh Falk
First Tech Federal Credit Union
Marilyn and Richard Herzberg
Erin and Eric LaFrance
Annemarie and Kevin Marcus
Veronica and Dave Mayo
Diane and Kirby McDonald
Madonna Messina
Denise and Dan Niles
Julia and Benson Porter
Puget Sound Energy Foundation
Joyce Scheickert
Suzanne and Mike Sievert
Sweeney Conrad
Tracey and Brian Webster
Wells Fargo Foundation
Jennifer Woodbery
Shelly Zhou


$1,000+ Investors

Adams Giving Fund
Arpita and Rajeev Agarwal
Carole and Kyle Anderson
Doug Anderson
Ann Wu Liao Foundation
Ardmore Elementary PTSA
Aqua Hill Foundation
Gail and Bob Auslander
Chris Baldwin
Connie and Steve Ballmer
Patty and Jimmy Barrier
Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club
Benevity AEF
Bloch Family Foundation
Dana and John Brekke
Peter Carbon
Glena and Pete Carroll
Kerou Chang
Elaine Coles
Bonnie and Rick Collette
Karin and Alan Dashen
Carole and Bob Dent
Yenii Dex
DiCerchio Family
Lori Dickerson
Mary and Bruce Dodds
Grace Drone
Kelly and Ivan Duran
Rebecca Ebsworth
Enatai Circle
Diane and Peter Ewens
Joan and Geoff Ferguson
Jennifer and Kurt Fischer
Kevin Fitzwilson
Foster Realty
Mikhail Gordin
Deb and Len Giannola
Jeanne Eagleson and John Gray
Mary and Don Hale
Beth and Patrick Halvorsen
Cathy and Brian Hayes
Matthew Henn
Marilyn and James Hogue
Bridget and Bruce Horne
Lisa Hufford
Tracey and Kevin Hughes
Hutchinson & Walter, CPAs
Carolyn and Keith Jackson
Jones Lang LaSalle America Inc
Julie Key
Clare and Ronald King
Natalie and Brian Kirkdoffer
Daniel Levine
Stacy Bouska Levine
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Ruth and Gunnar Lie 
Chelsea and Andrew Lientz
Megan Smith and Larry Lirtsman
Make A Change Foundation
Marrs Giving Account
Molly and Fred McConkey
Shirley and Joseph McEvoy
Christi Clark and Ivan Mendoza
Natalie McKinnis
Mark Mikoleit
Anna Mikelsen Mills
Debbie and Charlie Nordstrom
Mary Norris
O.D. Fisher Charitable Fund
Laurie and Scott Oki
Janice and Rodney Olson
Margie and Gregg Ose
Parker, Smith & Feek
Frederick Paup
Pete Paup
Pat and Paul Patt
PCL Construction Services, Inc.
Pembrook Meadows Community
Sue and Marty Peterson
Luke Petschauer
Brenda Pick
Julia and Benson Porter
Laurel and Stephen Preston
Lindsay and David Price
Prime 8 Consulting
Vishwac Sena Kannan and Roopa Ramnath
Neetha Rao
Michael Redmond
Michelle and Todd Reeves
Linda Reid
Amy and Bill Reller
Emily and Zachary Roberts
David Robinson
Salesforce Bellevue
John Schiller
Paulene Schock
Theresa and Richard Shrewsbury
Sophia Siu
Vandana Slatter
Charlene Steinhauer
Russ Stromberg
Sophie Sun
Judy Suor
Patricia Hanaway and Bryon Sutherland
Nancy and Marc Tollefson
Betty Tong
Maggie and Scott Vergien
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Peggy and Bob Wilkerson
Ellen Mckee Wilwerding and Craig Wilwerding
Windermere Bellevue Commons
Korynne and Jeff Wright
Yarrow Point Circle
Jill Zimmerman


Up to $1,000 Investors

Megan Ackaert
Chandra Adams
Kamal Aggarwal
Kate Elliott Ahrens
Anita and Sanket Akerkar
Alicia and Karim Alibhai
Karyl Alvord
Jean and Russell Amick
Kendall Anderegg
Julia Anderson
Ann Wu Liao Foundation
Linda and Mark Antush
Larry Applegate 
Radhika Arun
Christine Ashe
Joseph Ashizawa
Schanon and Tony Ataee
Deborah Baker
Shandell and Marshall Baker
Arian and Tony Balkan
Sunni and Patrick Bannon
Wendy Barley
Brian Baro
Leonardo Barros Barreto
Angela Bauer
Gloria and Eric Bensussen
Elise Berberoglu
Valerie and Iskender Berberoglu
Putter and Paul Bert
Elisabeth and D.Wm Best
Cheryl Bettencourt
Debra Bissen
Liz and Brett Blasingame
Cathy Blumenthal
Carol and Tom Bohman
Jacualyn Bonnell
Cheri Bortleson
Aaron Bosley
Jennifer Boune-Childress
Scott Bowers
Jason Boyd
Sarah Boyd
Kristen and Steven Brace
Debbie Brandt
Christie Brown
Julie Brown
Pamela Brown
Carrie Adams Browne 
Mary Jo Starck Bruckner
Tianna and Jeff Bryan
Sue Burke
Judy and Ward Bushnell
Kathy and Russ Caldwell 
Fernando Campos
Teri Carroll
Shanna and John Case
Sue Chana
Paul Chang
Lin Wei Cheng
Mario Chenier
Sheau Ping Ching
Rena Chng
Christ The King Lutheran Church
Michelle Christensen
Arty Christianto
Melissa Clausen
Don Bilbrey and Glen Clausing
Kristina and Robert Clawson
Patty and John Clearman
Carla Clise
Sarah Clise
Megan Clyne
Sandy and Jim Clyne
Anna Cohen
Lola Cohen
Hillary Collins
Kathleen and Mike Collum
Ian Colville
Lisa Cook
Phil Corneil
Judy Courshon
Cowden-Andersen Family Giving Fund
Tim Cowin
Gail Craddock
Michelle Craig
Alison Cravens
Alane Moran and Phil Crocker
Peggy and Graham Crow
Eric Dashen
Gina and Shawn Davis
Eric Dawson
Amy and Scott Day
Michelle Day
Amy and Scott Day
Jan Deaton
Stephanie December
Stephanie Delano
Aditi Desai
Mallori Dubik
Judy and Robert Dugger
Karen Dunlop
Stephen Dupree
Marlene and John Durbin
Mark and Mitchell Dyce-Ryan
Sally and Gary Eastes
Erin Edelbrock
Randall Eng
Elisabeth Kirschner and Paul England
Stefanie Erdahl
Julia Fagan
Kimberly Faust
Donna Ferguson
Gillian and Vincent Fernandes
Elissa Fink
Laurie and Pat Finnelly
Lu Fo-Ching
Chris Fogg
Barbara Follett
Joan Forest
Tere Foster
Amy Franck
Julie and John Franck
Dana Frank
Jayme Freeborn
LouAnn and Fred Freeburg
Karen Fuller
Penny Garcia
Lisa Gaudy-Olson
Dan Gavrila
Darci Gillespie
Rachel Gilmore
Kelly Ginn
Lina Wiese and Paul Girts
Molly Goudy
Daniel Gould
Nancy Gould-Hilliard
Pamela and Jeffery Gow
Michael Greene
Joyce Guieb
Troy Gunnell
Yan Guo
Sheli Hadari
Jean and Russ Haehl 
Linda Hoyt and Charlie Hafenbrack
Norm Hansen
Piper and John Hanson
Karin Hargrove
Shirley Rutledge Harman
Teri Harmeyer
Cynthia Harper
Anita Fletcher-Harris and Jeffrey Harris
Lisa Hawk
Lisa Hayward-England
Prashant Hedge
Michele Heffron 
Jill and Michael Heijer
China Helwig
Ted and Jodi Herb
Jessica Heringer
Judith Hess
Cameron Higgerson
Laurel and Wayne Hill
Liz Holland 
Marcia Holland
Angie and Chad Holmes
Krista and Kevin Hughes
Nellie Hughes
Tracey and Kevin Hughes
Joan and Allen Jackson
Paisley James
Dawn Jasper
Seema and Sanjay Jejurikar
Monwhea Jeng
Dina Johnson
Judith and H.M. Johnson 
Kristin and Wesley Jones
Andrea Joubert
Zhenming Jlang
Dana and David Kaefer
Gail and Steve Kaneko 
Rashmi Karineje
Judy and Dave Katri
Anne Katri-Rosnow
Harry Katz
Dori and Brett Kelleran
David Kennedy
Dana Kenny
Amy Kern
Ilyana Khanlarova
Joyce Kleiner
Nancy Kloster
Diane Knoll
Gina Koehl
Jordan Koehl
Kay Koelemay
Cheryl Kolodzaike
Dan Kronmal
Tracey and John Kruger
Kathleen Kugler
Kymberly Kuhnert
Karin and Michael Kuntz
Susana Kurian
Evonne Lai
Margaret Laliberte
Barbara and James Lansche
Barbara Larson
Amy and Steve Latham
Jean-Peirre Laurent
Kathy and Barry LeMond
Mary and Don Lewison
Richard Li
Betty Lin
Cindy Greenbaum Lindner
Neverlyn Lingerfelt
Traci Lobo
Nancy Lukacs
Wendy Lynne
Marilyn and Gary Macker
Liz Hale and Umesh Madan
I-Chin Maeda
Rose Magee 
Ana and Gustavo Mahler
Rose Marie
Chris Marks
Erica Marley
Master Builders Association
Judith Matthew
Joann Matthewson
Kathleen McAvoy
Aurelie McKinstry
Kelly McMahon
Rhonda Taylor and Eric McQueen
Jeffrey Meadows
Elizabeth Mereckis
Andrea and Dan Merlino
Anastasia Miles
Kimberly and Matt Millen
Tammy Miller
Christine Millman
Wang Minmin
Sasha Moinzadeh
Mandy Moon
Marcie and Mike Moore
Carrie and Dave Montague
Theresa and Scott Mosier
Shari Kauls and Susan Mulaney
Sue Muse
Shera and Michael Myers
Martin Nakayama
Sarah Navarre
Jennifer and Mike Nelson
Merav Netz
Vinh Nguyen
Amy and Bruce Niermeyer
Marilyn Noe
Glyn and Jim Nordstrom
Kevin Norris
Sharon Northrup
Debbie Oberbillig
Penny and Mike O’Byrne
Lauren and Price Oden
Kim Olmstead
Maria Ortega
Bethany Osborne
James, Katie and Craig Owens
Elaine and Tony Pagones
Andrew Pardoe
Virginia Park
Cynthia Parsons
Louise Pathe
Jenny Paulo
Lin and Bob Peggs
Juan Penarrieta
Wendy and Bob Perkins
Erika Pfeiffer 
Joan Phillips
Mitra Ehsan and Harold Prow
Judith Cushman Quick and Bob Quick
Amrita Rajamani
Jacqueline Ramsay
Redback Industries
Susan and Mike Redmond
Don Renalds
Adam Revoir
George Robertson
Beverley Robinson
Lindsay Rucker and Shea Robinson
Virginia Rohde
Sienna Rubel
Ken Russell
Linda and Raymond Russo
Nadine Salem
Sheila and Ken Samples
Janet and Mark Sandvik
Cari and Layne Sapp
Chola Saraiya
Lyamen Savy
Ruth Scharetg
Kay and Marc Scharr
Beatriz and Troy Scheer
Lucia Schmit
Ann and Robert Schofield
Dian and Seth Schuler
Carolyn Schutzler
Joanne Schwartz
Lisa Seigle
Becky Sells
Joan Marshall and Mike Sekins
Dawn Shaikh
Christine Shephard
Dr. Negar Sherkat
Teri and Alex Shikhanov
Yulia Shtutina
Marcia Joslyn and Peter Sill
Kelly and Barney Silver
Balwinder Kaur and Jujhar Singh
Sajnik Singh
Barbara Slaymaker
Toana Kawashima and Terry Slosson
Holly Smirl
Dean Smith
Angela Snyder
Janet and Robert Spangler
Spectrum Controls
Dawn Spiegel
Rupal Mehta and Srivats Srinivasan
Nancy DeLuca and Marty Steele
Craig Stewart
John Stokes
Dana Stoneman
Joan Strecker
Amanda Strombom
Kari Stull
Anita Sujarit
Heather Sullivan
Bill Syme
Anna Tavener
Carey Teemer
Andrew Telesca
Lori Brennan and Dan Temkin
Pham Phu Thin
Susan Thomas
Janet Thompson
Rachel Ting
Patricia Tinoco
Louise Tollefson
Cody Touchette
Mario Tremblay
Marta Trilles
Candace and Craig Turi
Diana Unay
Katherine Valaas
Nancy and Andrew Valaas
Suzanne VanNess
Maya Vergien
Mandira Virmani
Susan Vowinkel
Stacey Waddell
Gigi Wallace
Loyd Walker
Leigh Wang
Yumin Wang
Cheryl and Kerry Wate
Rolland Waters
Lynne Robinson and Dan Watson
Scot Weeks
Elaine White
Cindy Whiteside
Maryl and Dominic Widdows
Louise Wilkinson
Corky Wilson
Crystal Wilson
Carole and TJ Woosley
Tracy and Steve Wort
Mimi and Ken Worzel
Arlene Wright
Kelly and Jeff Wright
Sally and David Wright
Rachael Wyman
Daisy Xiong
Cheri and Bruce Yates
Richard Yeh
Scott Yost
Weiyu Zhu
Sandy Zook
Anne and Mike Zubko