Holiday Program

Interested in supporting Bellevue families this holiday season? Stay tuned! Details on our 2022 Holiday Program are coming soon. 



Thank you! Because of our caring community, last holiday season 300 Bellevue children experiencing homelessness* had their wishes come true and the nutrition they need this holiday season. This spirit of generosity and support represents the best of our Bellevue community.

*What does experiencing homelessness look like for a Bellevue student?

Bellevue students experiencing homelessness can be in situations where they lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. These students may live in doubled-up housing, hotels or motels, homeless shelters, transitional housing, or domestic violence shelters. They may be living in cars, parks, or other public spaces. They may be living in youth shelters or living in temporary foster care placement. Regardless of the details, unstable housing often has severe consequences for kids.

Currently, there are 252 children here in Bellevue experiencing some form of houselessness. This is just the reported number. We know many more families may not report due to stigmas or fears associated with homelessness.


Are you interested in supporting a student beyond the holiday season by providing a full year of assistance? Contact Travis Thompson at to learn more about our Student Success Sponsor program.