Our office is closed and we are working remotely. We are still here for you! If you are a family seeking assistance, please email  help@bellevuelifespring.org. For all other inquiries, please email  info@bellevuelifespring.org. We will respond within 24 hours.

Stay informed on our COVID-19 emergency response here.

Nuestra oficina está cerrado al público y nuestro personal está trabajando remotamente. ¡Aún estamos disponibles para asistirles! Si su familia solicita asistencia, por favor envié un correo electrónico a  help@bellevuelifespring.org. Para otras preguntas generales, por favor envié correo electrónica al  info@bellevuelifespring.org. Responderemos dentro de 24 horas.


Get Assistance

Who Qualifies?

The general requirements to qualify for assistance from Bellevue LifeSpring are:

  1. You must live in Bellevue or within the Bellevue School District boundaries
  2. Have children living in the home and be the parent or legal guardian
  3. Be available for an office appointment or home visit from Bellevue LifeSpring to assess eligibility

Basic Documents

Prior to receiving assistance you may be asked to provide the following documents:

Proof of Identity: Names and proof of identity of ALL persons living in your household

  1. ONE of the following for each ADULT family member:
    1. State ID
    2. Driver’s license
    3. Passport
  2. Birth Certificate: For all CHILDREN in the household

Proof of Address
ONE of the following:

  1. Lease or rental agreement
  2. Electricity/water bill
  3. Letter from your shelter or housing program

Proof of Income:
The following if they apply:

  1. Two most current pay stubs (or letter from employer)
  2. Documentation from the State or Federal Government regarding benefits such as child support, food stamps, SSI, SS, etc. or bank statements showing direct deposits
  3. W2s or Federal Tax Return Form from previous year

If requesting rent assistance:

  1. Eviction notice or letter of acceptance for rental assistance

During COVID-19:

We are accepting a “Proof of Hardship” letter from an employer stating a reduction in hours or a lay off due to COVID-19 (in lieu of a 14-day notice).

How to Request Assistance

If you meet the above guidelines and would like to request assistance from Bellevue LifeSpring, please call our office at 425-451-1175 and press 2 or use the contact form below. * = required field